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Whether you are after a software upgrade or want to see what sort of tuning opportunities there may be available for your car, we can check it for you. We work with all makes and models of Vehicles and are able to reprogram the engine control unit (ECU) which is fitted to the vehicle. Alternatively, we remove them to make the adjustments on the bench before refitting them. Why not find out what our service could do for your car? Simply enter your registration plate number for a set of fast results or enter the make, model and fuel type of your car using the pull-down menus. Our online system will do the rest so you’ll know exactly what sort of services our IMI technicians will be able to offer you.

Update Your Vehicle’s Software Quickly and Efficiently

All aspects of car tuning are covered by us at Supercharged Performance. This includes:

  • Stage 1, 2 & 3 engine tuning
  • Transmission calibrations
  • EGR solutions
  • DPF solutions
  • GPF OPF solutions
  • Ad-blue/ SCR solutions
  • Swirl flaps
  • DTC / P Code
  • Speed limit removals
  • ECU cloning
  • Cold start off
  • Rear 02 deletion

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Genuine Tooling Supporting Automotive Innovation

We have heavily invested in tools and equipment which enable us to offer a slick and competitive tuning operation. We will continue with our investment in innovative tooling so that we continue to operate at the cutting edge of the car tuning sector in the region.

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A Wide Range of Services From Supercharged Performance

Thanks to our technical know-how and great customer service, Supercharged Performance is a great place to turn for a wide range of car-related maintenance and service issues.

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Here at Supercharged Performance, we get asked all sorts of questions about ECU mapping and car tuning from car owners throughout Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. We are happy to provide as much information as we can about what might be possible with respect to any car’s performance.

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