VW MK8 Golf R – Milltek Exhaust + Wrapped Roof + Smoked lights

We have recently been working on this fabulous VW MK8 Golf R. We tuned the engine & gearbox last month and its back for some enhancements. We supplied and fitted a Milltek Sport oxygen Particulate filter (OPF) back system. We also wrapped the roof gloss black using Arlon’s vinyl and also smoked the rear lights. Check out the videos below and if we can help in anyway Click here to get in contact!


We will break them down here:

  1. Milltek Exhaust: Milltek is a well-known aftermarket exhaust manufacturer. Upgrading your Golf R with a Milltek exhaust system can enhance the car’s performance and provide a more aggressive exhaust note. It’s a popular choice among enthusiasts who want to improve the sound and potentially gain a bit more power.
  2. Wrapped Roof: Adding a roof wrap to your Golf R is a cosmetic modification. This involves applying a vinyl wrap material to change the colour or finish of the roof. Roof wraps are popular for customizing a vehicle’s appearance and can be a more affordable and reversible alternative to painting the roof.
  3. Smoked Lights: Smoked lights typically refer to tinted or darkened taillights, headlights, or other exterior lights on a car. This can give your Golf R a more aggressive or customized look, and it’s a relatively simple and reversible modification.

These modifications can enhance the appearance and sound of your VW Golf R, as well as add a personalized touch to your vehicle.



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