Speed Limit No More: Unlocking Full Potential in Vans and Cars at Supercharged

At Supercharged Performance, we’ve mastered the art of removing speed limiters, not just for your high-performance cars but for your trusty work vans too. It’s all about unlocking the full potential of your vehicle, whether it’s for business efficiency or driving pleasure.

The Lowdown on Speed Limiter Removal

Many vehicles, including work vans and certain cars, come from the factory with speed limiters. These are great for safety and compliance, but what if they’re holding back your vehicle’s true potential? That’s where we step in with our expert ECU reprogramming skills.

Why Remove a Speed Limiter?

  • Vans for Efficiency: Speed limiters in work vans can limit business efficiency. Removing them can help keep up with the demands of your job.
  • Cars for Performance: For the car enthusiasts, removing a speed limiter can enhance the driving experience, especially on tracks or in safe driving conditions.
  • Adaptability: Customizing your vehicle’s performance to better suit your personal or business needs.

Our Expert Approach

Whether it’s a van or a car, lifting the speed limiter involves more than just tweaking a few settings. We delve into the vehicle’s ECU, carefully adjusting it to safely remove the limiter while maintaining the integrity and functionality of your vehicle.

Safety and Responsibility First

At Supercharged, we’re all about pushing the envelope while staying safe. Removing a speed limiter should be balanced with responsible driving. We ensure your vehicle meets all safety standards, even post-modification.

Ready to Free Your Vehicle from Limits?

If you’re looking to remove the speed limiter from your work van for better business efficiency, or from your car for a more exhilarating driving experience, we’ve got you covered. Swing by Supercharged Performance, and let’s talk about unlocking your vehicle’s true capabilities.


Unlocking Performance: Immobiliser Deletes for Engine Swaps and Race Cars

Hello, Josh from Supercharged Performance here. In the world of engine swaps and race cars, the immobiliser can be a real barrier. That’s why we’re all about offering top-notch immobiliser deletes, also known as IMMO off, to ensure your engine fires up seamlessly in its new setup.

Immobiliser Deletes: Essential for Engine Swaps and Race Cars

When you’re swapping engines or prepping a race car, the immobiliser system can complicate things. Our immobiliser delete service is designed to modify your existing ECU, allowing the engine to start in its new configuration without the need for a key.

Why Immobiliser Deletes Matter in Performance Vehicles

  • Simplified Start-Up: Essential for engines that have been swapped into a different vehicle or custom-built race cars.
  • Seamless Performance: Ensures your engine starts without immobiliser interference, crucial for racing scenarios where reliability is key.


Our Approach to Immobiliser Deletes

At Supercharged, it’s not just about removing an immobiliser system. We carefully reprogram the ECU of your vehicle to bypass the immobiliser. This precision work is crucial to maintain the overall performance and reliability of your engine in its new or modified state.

The Supercharged Edge in IMMO Off

Our expertise extends beyond standard ECU modifications. We understand the unique demands of race cars and performance vehicles undergoing engine swaps. Our immobiliser delete service is tailored to meet these specific needs, ensuring your vehicle is race-ready and performs flawlessly.

Choose Supercharged for Your Performance Needs

  • Tailored Expertise: We specialize in modifications for high-performance and custom-built vehicles.
  • Precision and Care: Each immobiliser delete is performed with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Performance-Focused: We ensure your vehicle is optimized for the track or any performance scenario.

Get Your Engine Race-Ready

Working on an engine swap or a race car that needs an immobiliser delete? Contact us  HERE at Supercharged Performance. Let’s get your engine starting smoothly and revving up for peak performance.



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