Elevate Your BMW 120d: Stage 1 Tune, Custom Exhaust, and Hardcut Limiter Installation

Introduction: Next-Level Enhancements at Supercharged Performance

At Supercharged Performance, we’re passionate about pushing the limits of what cars can do. We recently had the opportunity to enhance a 2011 BMW 120d with a suite of upgrades that truly transformed its performance and sound. From a precise Stage 1 Tune to the installation of a Milltek DPF back twin exit exhaust system and a hardcut limiter, each modification was meticulously chosen and expertly fitted in our workshop.

Unleashing Performance with Stage 1 Tuning

The heart of our recent project was the Stage 1 Tune, which brought the BMW 120d to life with an additional 40 BHP and 80 NM of torque. This substantial boost in power dramatically improves acceleration and responsiveness, making the vehicle not only faster but also more exhilarating to drive.

Milltek Exhaust: Style and Function Combined

Alongside the tune, we installed a Milltek DPF back twin exit exhaust system, known for its exceptional build quality and acoustic properties. This upgrade not only gives the BMW a more aggressive look with its stylish twin exits but also enhances performance by optimizing exhaust flow. The result is a more efficient engine and a deeper, more commanding exhaust note that truly complements the car’s enhanced dynamics.

Hardcut Limiter: An Audible Edge

To further personalize the driving experience, we equipped the BMW with a hardcut limiter. This feature modifies the engine’s rev limit to create a distinct sound effect that signifies maximum engine revs. It’s not just a performance tweak—it’s a statement, turning heads with every shift and adding an exhilarating layer to the driving experience.

Why Choose Supercharged Performance?

Why bring your vehicle to us? At Supercharged Performance, we provide more than just modifications. We deliver a comprehensive service that includes consultation, expert fitting, and post-installation support. Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that every modification not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Client Testimonials

“Our customers speak for the changes we make,” one recent client remarked. “The upgrades to my BMW 120d have completely transformed how it drives and sounds. Supercharged Performance made the process easy and the results are incredible.”

Upgrade Your BMW 120d Today

Interested in taking your BMW 120d or any other vehicle to the next level? Visit Supercharged Performance. We offer a variety of tuning solutions and exhaust systems that are perfect for enhancing your car’s performance and aesthetic appeal.

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FAQ: Understanding the Differences Between Dyno Tuning and Non-Dyno Tuning


When it comes to tuning your vehicle for enhanced performance, you may have come across two options: dyno tuning and non-dyno tuning. Let’s explore these methods in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Q1: What is Dyno Tuning? A1: Dyno tuning involves using a dynamometer (dyno) to measure your vehicle’s engine parameters while it’s running. This allows for precise adjustments to the engine’s settings, optimizing performance based on real-time data.

Q2: What is Non-Dyno Tuning? A2: Non-dyno tuning, also known as road tuning, involves modifying the engine’s settings based on theoretical data or pre-existing maps. It doesn’t use a dyno for real-time data analysis.

Q3: What are the Key Benefits of Dyno Tuning? A3:

  • Accurate Measurements: Provides real-time data on power, torque, air/fuel

ratios, and more.

  • Customization: Tailors the tuning specifically to your vehicle’s characteristics.
  • Safety: Conducted in a controlled environment, reducing the risks associated with road testing.

Q4: What are the Advantages of Non-Dyno Tuning? A4:

  • Convenience: Can be done without the need for specialized equipment.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally less expensive than dyno tuning.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for standard modifications where custom tuning isn’t critical.

Q5: Which Tuning Method Results in More Power? A5: Dyno tuning typically results in more power and efficiency as it is custom-tailored to your vehicle’s specific characteristics and current state.

Q6: Is Dyno Tuning Safer for My Vehicle? A6: Yes, because it’s done in a controlled environment, allowing for safe testing of the vehicle’s limits and preventing potential damage that might occur on the road.

Q7: Can I Switch from Non-Dyno to Dyno Tuning? A7: Absolutely. If you start with non-dyno tuning and later decide you want a more precise and customized tune, you can switch to dyno tuning.

Q8: How Do I Know Which Tuning is Right for My Vehicle? A8: It depends on your vehicle’s needs, your performance goals, and budget. For customized and precise tuning, especially for high-performance vehicles, dyno tuning is recommended.

Q9: Are There Any Vehicles That Benefit More From Dyno Tuning? A9: High-performance vehicles, heavily modified cars, and those with specific tuning needs benefit significantly from dyno tuning.

Q10: Where Can I Get Professional Advice and Tuning Services? A10: For expert guidance and professional tuning services, visit our Contact Page. We’ll help you choose the best tuning method for your vehicle and goals.

Restoring Engine Performance with EGR Delete in Suffolk

In Suffolk and looking to restore your vehicle’s original performance? At Supercharged Performance, we offer EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) delete services, a sought-after solution for car enthusiasts and drivers in the region.

The Role of EGR Delete in Performance Restoration

The EGR system, designed to reduce emissions, can lead to soot accumulation over time, diminishing your engine’s performance and efficiency. An EGR delete effectively removes or bypasses this system, restoring your engine’s original performance and efficiency.

Benefits of EGR Delete

  • Restored Engine Power: Experience a noticeable improvement in engine power and responsiveness.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: With the EGR system deactivated, many vehicles report better fuel consumption.
  • Prolonged Engine Life: EGR systems can accelerate wear due to soot build up. Removing it helps in extending your engine’s lifespan.

Our EGR Delete Services Across Suffolk

From Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge, our team provides expert EGR delete services. We ensure the process is conducted precisely, rejuvenating your vehicle for enhanced performance.

Tailored to Your Vehicle

We recognize the uniqueness of each vehicle and its use. Our EGR delete service is customized to fit the specific needs of your vehicle, whether it’s a well-travelled diesel or a performance-focused car.

Compliance and Safety

It’s crucial to be aware of local regulations regarding EGR delete. We advise confirming its legality for road use in your area. At Supercharged Performance, we balance performance restoration with legal compliance and safety.

Consult with Us for EGR Delete

For those in Suffolk considering an EGR delete, our doors are open. Supercharged Performance is here to assist in restoring your vehicle’s performance and ensuring its longevity. Please See our Tuning Page!


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