FAQ: Understanding the Differences Between Dyno Tuning and Non-Dyno Tuning


When it comes to tuning your vehicle for enhanced performance, you may have come across two options: dyno tuning and non-dyno tuning. Let’s explore these methods in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Q1: What is Dyno Tuning? A1: Dyno tuning involves using a dynamometer (dyno) to measure your vehicle’s engine parameters while it’s running. This allows for precise adjustments to the engine’s settings, optimizing performance based on real-time data.

Q2: What is Non-Dyno Tuning? A2: Non-dyno tuning, also known as road tuning, involves modifying the engine’s settings based on theoretical data or pre-existing maps. It doesn’t use a dyno for real-time data analysis.

Q3: What are the Key Benefits of Dyno Tuning? A3:

  • Accurate Measurements: Provides real-time data on power, torque, air/fuel

ratios, and more.

  • Customization: Tailors the tuning specifically to your vehicle’s characteristics.
  • Safety: Conducted in a controlled environment, reducing the risks associated with road testing.

Q4: What are the Advantages of Non-Dyno Tuning? A4:

  • Convenience: Can be done without the need for specialized equipment.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally less expensive than dyno tuning.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for standard modifications where custom tuning isn’t critical.

Q5: Which Tuning Method Results in More Power? A5: Dyno tuning typically results in more power and efficiency as it is custom-tailored to your vehicle’s specific characteristics and current state.

Q6: Is Dyno Tuning Safer for My Vehicle? A6: Yes, because it’s done in a controlled environment, allowing for safe testing of the vehicle’s limits and preventing potential damage that might occur on the road.

Q7: Can I Switch from Non-Dyno to Dyno Tuning? A7: Absolutely. If you start with non-dyno tuning and later decide you want a more precise and customized tune, you can switch to dyno tuning.

Q8: How Do I Know Which Tuning is Right for My Vehicle? A8: It depends on your vehicle’s needs, your performance goals, and budget. For customized and precise tuning, especially for high-performance vehicles, dyno tuning is recommended.

Q9: Are There Any Vehicles That Benefit More From Dyno Tuning? A9: High-performance vehicles, heavily modified cars, and those with specific tuning needs benefit significantly from dyno tuning.

Q10: Where Can I Get Professional Advice and Tuning Services? A10: For expert guidance and professional tuning services, visit our Contact Page. We’ll help you choose the best tuning method for your vehicle and goals.

Unleashing the Beast: Stage 2+ Tuning on VW Golf Mark 5 GTI 2.0 Turbo

Introduction: The Power Potential of VW Golf Mark 5 GTI

Volkswagen aficionados, get ready to explore the extraordinary potential of your VW Golf Mark 5 GTI 2.0 Turbo. With stage 2+ tuning, this icon of performance can reach exhilarating new levels of power and agility.

The Journey to 345BHP and 550NM

Our recent project involved elevating a VW Golf Mark 5 GTI to its pinnacle. Here’s a glimpse into how we transformed this vehicle into a dynamo of power.

Key Upgrades for Maximum Performance

  • KO4 Turbo: A significant upgrade over the standard turbocharger, offering enhanced airflow and boosting power.
  • S3 Injectors: Providing the increased fuel flow necessary to match the turbo’s enhanced air delivery.
  • S3 Intercooler: Ensuring optimal

air intake temperatures, crucial for maintaining performance under increased power loads.

  • Induction Kit: This upgrade facilitates better airflow, a foundational step for boosting power.
  • High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Uprated Internals: Essential for supplying the fuel volume needed for higher combustion.
  • RS4 Fuel Valve & 200BAR Rail Pressure Sensor: For precise fuel metering and optimal engine efficiency.
  • 3 Bar Map Sensor: Critical for accurate management of the increased boost levels.
  • Diverter Valve (DV) Relocation Kit: Enhancing the turbo’s responsiveness and overall engine efficiency.

The Dyno Tuning Process

The custom tuning on our dyno wasn’t just about pushing the engine to its limits. It was a careful process of calibration, ensuring the Golf GTI reached an impressive 345BHP and 550NM of torque without compromising its reliability and drivability.

Why Stage 2+ Tuning?

Stage 2+ tuning is an extensive upgrade that redefines the essence of your vehicle. It’s not just about raw power; it’s about fine-tuning every aspect of the engine to work in perfect harmony, unleashing the full potential of the 2.0 TFSI.

The Importance of Professional Tuning

Professional tuning, especially for a project of this magnitude, is crucial. At Supercharged Performance, we specialize in VAG engines, ensuring that each modification not only increases power but also enhances the overall driving experience.

Your Car Deserves the Best

Transform your VW Golf Mark 5 GTI into a vehicle that not only performs better but also brings a new level of excitement to every drive. With our expertise and advanced tuning methods, your Golf GTI will become a benchmark of performance.

Ready for the Transformation?

For VW Golf Mark 5 GTI owners looking to maximize their 2.0 TFSI engine’s capabilities, contact us today. Let’s make your Golf GTI not just faster, but a true icon of performance and engineering.

Routine Day, Rare Car: Dyno Testing the Seat Ibiza Cupra R Mk2 at Supercharged

Hey folks, Josh here from Supercharged Performance. Today, I’m excited to share something pretty special – a story about the Seat Ibiza Cupra R Mk2. It’s not just any car; it’s one of only 15 left on UK roads, and it holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of my first car, a Seat Ibiza 1.4 SE.

With only 15 left in the UK, the Seat Ibiza Cupra R Mk2 is more than a car; it’s a cherished piece of automotive history, especially among car enthusiasts and collectors.


So, we strapped this beauty onto our dyno, and guess what? It cranked out a whopping 335BHP and 350NM of torque. For a car that’s more of a legend than a daily driver, these numbers are insane! It’s like reliving my first drive, but with way more kick.


You know, working on cars isn’t just a job for me; it’s a passion. Every car that rolls into our shop has its own story, its own character. And getting to enhance that, to make these machines perform even better, is an absolute blast. It’s like bonding with each car, ensuring it delivers that consistent, exhilarating driving experience every time.


This Ibiza Cupra R Mk2 represents what I love about cars – they’re more than just machines. They’re memories on wheels, adventures waiting to happen. And this little beast? It’s a reminder of where I started and how far we’ve come at Supercharged Performance.

If you’re as passionate about cars as I am and want to see what we can do for your ride, check out our ECU tuning services. Let’s make your car something you’re proud to drive.

Special thanks to Illusive Shotz for these fantastic shots. If you need any photoshoots for your prized vehicles, check out their amazing work on Instagram. They’ve got an eye for capturing cars in their best light.

Check Remap Gains

Are you a car enthusiast in East Anglia looking to boost your vehicle’s performance? The secret to unlocking your car’s true potential might just be a stage 1 tune. At Supercharged Performance, we specialize in elevating your driving experience. And now, finding out the power gains for your specific vehicle is as easy as entering your car’s registration on our website.

What is a Stage 1 Tune?

A stage 1 tune is the first step in transforming your vehicle’s performance. It involves adjusting the software within your car’s engine control unit (ECU) to enhance its power and efficiency. This process, commonly known as remapping, is a safe and effective way to increase horsepower, torque, and overall performance.

Why Consider a Stage 1 Tune?
  1. Enhanced Performance: Experience a noticeable improvement in acceleration and power output.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Get more miles out of your fuel, thanks to optimized engine performance.
  3. Customization: Tailor your driving experience to suit your style and preferences.
  4. Reversibility: The changes made during a stage 1 tune can be easily reversed, offering flexibility for future modifications.
How to “Check Remap Gains” for Your Vehicle?

Curious about the potential enhancements for your car? It’s simple:

  1. Visit our website and go to “Vehicle Performance Check” or by Clicking HERE
  2. Enter your car’s registration number in the “Check Remap Gains” tool.
  3. Discover the specific power gains and performance enhancements available for your vehicle.
Why Choose Us for Your Remap in East Anglia?
  • Local Expertise: We understand the specific needs and preferences of drivers in East Anglia.
  • Quality Service: Our team of experts ensures a safe and efficient remapping process.
  • Custom Solutions: Every car is different, and we provide tailored solutions for the best results.
Your Next Step to Enhanced Performance

If you’re in East Anglia and thinking about boosting your car’s performance, Supercharged Performance is your go-to destination. Our “Check Remap Gains” feature is just the beginning. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve the ultimate driving experience.


Don’t let your vehicle’s potential go untapped. A stage 1 tune could be the key to unlocking a whole new level of performance and efficiency. Visit Supercharged Performance online, use our “Check Remap Gains” feature, and take the first step towards transforming your driving experience.

Contact Us:

Ready to explore the possibilities? Visit our website or contact us directly to learn more about our stage 1 tuning services in East Anglia.

Dyno Tuning in Suffolk

Welcome to the world of precision engine tuning at Supercharged Performance, where we redefine the standards of automotive excellence in Suffolk! Our state-of-the-art Vtech 2WD Dyno is at the heart of our mission to deliver unmatched performance and efficiency to your vehicle.

Why Choose Dyno Tuning?

Dyno tuning, a technique essential in the realm of high-performance vehicles, is crucial for optimizing engine output and efficiency. The Vtech 2WD Dyno, a cutting-edge tool in our Suffolk garage, allows us to meticulously analyse and enhance your engine’s capabilities.

The Supercharged Performance Difference:

At Supercharged Performance, we believe in a blend of technology and expertise. Our Vtech 2WD Dyno, situated in the heart of Suffolk, is more than just a machine; it’s a portal to peak performance. Here’s how we make a difference:

  1. Precision Tuning: Our dyno tuning methods ensure that your engine operates at its optimal power and torque levels. This not only enhances performance but also improves fuel efficiency.
  2. Customization: Every engine is unique, and so are our tuning solutions. Whether it’s for daily driving or for racing, we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs.
  3. Safety and Reliability: Dyno tuning helps in identifying potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring that your vehicle remains safe and reliable.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: The Vtech 2WD Dyno provides us with real-time data, enabling informed decisions for tuning and adjustments, leading to superior engine performance.
Benefits Over Traditional Methods:

Traditional tuning methods pale in comparison to the advantages offered by dyno tuning. With our Vtech 2WD Dyno in Suffolk, we guarantee:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: By simulating real-world driving conditions, we achieve more accurate tuning results.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Immediate data allows for on-the-spot adjustments.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Beyond just power, we evaluate how various components interact, ensuring holistic vehicle performance.
Your Journey to Peak Performance:

Embarking on your engine tuning journey with Supercharged Performance is simple. Visit us in Suffolk, and experience the transformation that our Vtech 2WD Dyno tuning can bring to your vehicle.


In Suffolk, Supercharged Performance stands as a beacon of innovation in engine tuning. Our Vtech 2WD Dyno isn’t just about pushing boundaries; it’s about redefining them. Embrace the future of automotive performance and join us in our quest for perfection.

Contact Us:

Ready to experience the pinnacle of engine tuning? Contact Supercharged Performance in Suffolk today, and let our Vtech 2WD Dyno unveil the true potential of your vehicle.

Remapping In Norwich, Norfolk.

Revolutionize your driving experience in Norwich with a remap at “Supercharged Performance.” In this post, discover why our business is the ultimate choice for performance enthusiasts, boasting over 200 5-star reviews and a cutting-edge dyno facility.

Unparalleled Expertise:

At “Supercharged Performance,” remapping isn’t just a service – it’s our passion. Our team comprises seasoned experts dedicated to squeezing every ounce of performance from your vehicle. Trust us to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to enhance your driving experience.

Cutting-Edge Dyno Facility:

What sets us apart is our state-of-the-art dyno facility. Equipped with the latest technology, our dyno allows us to conduct precision testing and fine-tune your remap for optimal performance. This commitment to cutting-edge tools ensures that your vehicle receives the most accurate and effective remap possible.

Tailored to Perfection:

No two vehicles are the same, and neither should their remap be. “Supercharged Performance” takes a bespoke approach, tailoring each remap to your vehicle’s unique characteristics and your specific driving preferences. Experience a remap that is as individual as your car.

Over 200 5-Star Reviews:

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. With over 200 5-star reviews, our clients consistently praise the noticeable improvements in power, responsiveness, and fuel efficiency. Join the growing community of satisfied customers who have entrusted “Supercharged Performance” with their vehicle’s performance.

Transparent and Customer-Centric:

Trust is paramount when it comes to your vehicle. “Supercharged Performance” values transparency and honesty. From the initial consultation to the final remap, we keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free and customer-centric experience.

Convenience in Norwich:

Conveniently located close to Norwich, “Supercharged Performance” brings top-tier remapping services to your doorstep. Experience the convenience of having a trusted performance tuning partner right in your local area.


For the best remap in Norwich, “Supercharged Performance” stands head and shoulders above the competition. With a team of experts, a cutting-edge dyno facility, personalized solutions, and a stellar track record of over 200 5-star reviews, we are committed to elevating your driving experience. Choose “Supercharged Performance” – where passion meets precision, and your vehicle’s performance is our top priority. Please see our ECU tuning webpage on our website!

Suzuki Swift Sport 2023 1.4T Hybrid Real Power!?

Rev up your excitement as we dive into the heart of the 2023 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Hybrid, a compact powerhouse that recently left our dyno shaking with its impressive performance. Thanks for Peak Performance Reviews for getting in contact with us and thank you to Suzuki UK for giving it the go ahead! so lets buckle up petrolheads, as we explore how this hybrid dynamo not only met but exceeded our expectations, churning out an additional 10 horsepower over the stock figures.

The Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Hybrid is no stranger to enthusiasts, known for its nimble handling and spirited performance. However, what happens when you put this pocket rocket on the dyno? Let’s peel back the layers and uncover the thrilling details.

Under the Hood:

The beating heart of the Swift Sport is a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, now coupled with a hybrid system that adds an electrifying punch to the mix. Suzuki’s engineering brilliance shines as the hybrid technology seamlessly integrates with the petrol powerplant, delivering a perfect blend of efficiency and exhilaration.

Dyno Delight:

Our team couldn’t resist the temptation to strap the Swift Sport onto our dyno, eager to witness the true potential lurking beneath the hood. The numbers were nothing short of jaw-dropping – a solid 10 horsepower gain over the factory figures! This boost in power not only enhances the overall driving experience but also solidifies the Swift Sport’s status as a genuine hot hatch contender.

The Driving Experience:

Numbers on paper are one thing, but how does this translate to the road? The added horsepower transforms the Swift Sport into a zippy thrill-seeker, effortlessly darting through corners with a newfound confidence. The hybrid technology doesn’t just contribute to power; it enhances the car’s responsiveness, making every acceleration a symphony of speed and control.

Efficiency Meets Excitement:

What’s truly remarkable about the Swift Sport 1.4T Hybrid is that it doesn’t sacrifice efficiency for performance. The hybrid system not only boosts power but also lends a helping hand in fuel economy. It’s a win-win situation for enthusiasts who crave spirited drives without constantly watching the fuel gauge.

Final Verdict:

In a world where hybrid cars are often associated with eco-conscious driving, the 2023 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Hybrid stands out as a beacon of excitement. Our dyno testing revealed a hidden potential that takes this hot hatch to new heights, making it a compelling choice for those who demand a thrilling driving experience without compromising on efficiency.

So, if you’re in the market for a pocket rocket that delivers both on the road and on the dyno, the 2023 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Hybrid might just be your perfect match. Buckle up and get ready to redefine your driving experience!

Want to see what power your motor is making on our dyno? Starting from £99 click HERE to get in contact with us!


Aston Martin Vantage 4.3 V8 Stage 1 Remap

In the realm of automotive refinement, Supercharged Performance takes pride in pushing the limits of power and performance. Our latest offering, the Stage 1 Remap for the Aston Martin Vantage 4.3 V8, is a symphony of precision engineering and driving exhilaration.

Revolutionize Your Drive

At the heart of our Stage 1 Remap is a carefully crafted engine remapping process that redefines the Vantage 4.3 V8’s performance dynamics. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformation. The Stage 1 Remap optimizes fuel delivery, ignition timing, and other key parameters, ensuring a harmonious balance between power and efficiency.

Unmatched Power, Unrivalled Experience

Experience an immediate surge in power and torque, elevating your Aston Martin Vantage to new heights. The Stage 1 Remap doesn’t just unleash raw power; it refines the entire driving experience. The throttle response becomes more immediate, and the power delivery becomes smoother, providing an exhilarating ride that perfectly complements the Vantage’s iconic design.

Expert Craftsmanship, Exceptional Results

Our team of expert technicians at Supercharged Performance approaches each Stage 1 Remap with precision and attention to detail. With years of experience in performance tuning, we ensure that every remap is tailored to enhance the Vantage’s unique characteristics. The result is a seamless integration of power and control, turning your Aston Martin into a true masterpiece of performance engineering.

Performance Tested, Driver Approved

Before it reaches your hands, each Aston Martin Vantage undergoes rigorous performance testing. Our dyno testing ensures that the Stage 1 Remap not only meets but exceeds our high standards. Feel the difference as you unleash the full potential of your V8 engine with confidence and precision.

Why Choose Supercharged Performance?

  • Passion for Performance: Supercharged Performance is driven by a deep passion for automotive excellence, reflected in every Stage 1 Remap we deliver.
  • Customization for You: Our remapping process is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor each remap to suit your driving preferences and the unique characteristics of your Aston Martin Vantage.
  • Proven Results: Our track record speaks for itself. Supercharged Performance has a history of delivering results that surpass expectations, earning the trust of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.


Elevate your driving experience with the Supercharged Performance Stage 1 Remap for the Aston Martin Vantage 4.3 V8. Unleash the roar within, and redefine what’s possible on the open road. Because when it comes to performance tuning, Supercharged Performance leads the way in turning driving dreams into reality.

BMW M2 Competition Tuned Stage 1!

Embark on a thrilling ride into the realm of precision and power as we introduce the BMW M2 Competition at Supercharged Performance , now transformed into a driving dynamo through our Stage 1 tuning. Our cutting-edge software, fine-tuned on our state-of-the-art dyno, has not only added a staggering 113bhp but also an impressive 84NM of torque, redefining what it means to command the road.

🔧 Unveiling the Numbers: 113bhp, 84NM – A Powerhouse Redefined

Witness the evolution of raw power as the BMW M2 Competition gains an extra 113bhp, injecting a newfound vigour into its veins. But it’s not just about the horses under the hood; our Stage 1 tuning has meticulously added 84NM of torque, ensuring that every twist of the throttle is met with an exhilarating surge, propelling you into a realm of performance previously uncharted.

📊 Dyno-Tested Precision: Beyond Numbers, Into Reality

Numbers on paper are one thing; the real test lies on the asphalt. Our Stage 1 tuned BMW M2 Comp has been rigorously tested on our dyno, ensuring that the power gains are not just theoretical but a tangible force on the road. From acceleration to top speed, every metric has been fine-tuned to perfection, offering a driving experience that’s as precise as it is powerful.

🛠️ Behind the Scenes: The Dyno Diaries

Step behind the scenes with our exclusive gallery showcasing the intricate process of dyno testing and Stage 1 tuning. Each image captures the synergy between cutting-edge technology and automotive craftsmanship, illustrating how our team has meticulously elevated the BMW M2 Competition to unprecedented heights.

🌪️ Unleash the Storm: Driving Redefined

The road is your canvas, and the Stage 1 tuned BMW M2 Competition is your brush. Engage the dynamic mode, feel the surge of power, and experience driving redefined. This isn’t just a car; it’s a symphony of engineering and artistry, and the road is your stage.

Buckle up, enthusiasts, as we invite you to explore the extraordinary. The BMW M2 Competition, Stage 1 tuned and dyno-certified, awaits those who crave the perfect blend of precision, power, and an unbridled passion for the open road.

#BMWM2Competition #Stage1Tuning #DynoTestedPower #DrivingPerformance 🚗💨

Google Reviews – We Hit 100 5*

At Supercharged Performance, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – we’ve reached 100 5* Google reviews! 🎉 We’re genuinely grateful for the overwhelming support from our valued customers who have taken the time to share their experiences.

Supercharged Performance has always strived to provide top-notch service, and your feedback fuels our passion for excellence. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights from the reviews that have made this achievement even more special.

Picture of our google reviews

Here are snippets from some of our best reviews:

  1. “Found Josh and Supercharged while searching for company’s to do work on my car
    What I can tell you is, Prompt, honest, professional and work is perfect with zero dramas, would recommend his service” – Mark Harvey
  2. “Come to Supercharged performance for a remap on my caddy van. Arrived with 80BHP and left with 152BHP! Can’t recommend these guys enough. Will be coming back for all my maintenance work now as well!” -Kai Mangar
  3. “AMAZING job on wrapping my vehicle!!! I am over the moon with the end result!” – Gary McCullers

We want to express our sincere gratitude to and every customer who has taken the time to share their thoughts on our services. Your feedback not only motivates us but also helps future customers make informed decisions about choosing Supercharged Performance for their automotive needs.

Achieving 100 Google reviews is a testament to the trust and confidence our customers have placed in us. We are committed to maintaining the high standards that have earned us your positive reviews and will continue to raise the bar in providing exceptional service.

To our amazing customers, whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or have recently joined the Supercharged Performance family, thank you for your support in all its forms. Your trust, loyalty, and feedback drive us to be the best in the business.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to serving you with the same enthusiasm, dedication, and passion that have defined Supercharged Performance. Here’s to the next 100 reviews and many more incredible journeys together! 🚗✨

If you have used our services before and would like to leave your positive experience about us then please click HERE!

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