Review of the month – Thanks Sid (Z4M)

Review of the month – Thanks Sid (Z4M)

Just a update of our “review of the month” from one of our clients who likes to take his Z4M to the Nurbergring.

He came to us after a very reputable company lost his original map for his car which caused the car not to restart they rectified it but didn’t want to tune it for him.

After we come by his home and remapped his car for him he came back from his annual trip with this :

“Hi Josh. Very pleased with remap. It was pulling strongly @ 160mph, it could have carried on pulling, but traffic got in the way.

I was doing 120 & decided to go for it. I shoved the pedal to the carpet & it lifted the front of the car. Acceleration out of the bends on the Nurbergring was exciting.

I managed a 10 minute 12second lap. Also could even be a tad better on fuel. Sid.”

This is why we do what we do and its always a joy when customers come back with good feedback.

Thanks again Sid!



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