Remap’s vs Tuning box’s – which is better and why?

Remap’s vs Tuning box’s – which is better and why?

The long old question of which is better, remaps or tuning boxes? well its quite simple, remaps are better!

At Supercharged Performance we do offer both solutions but we only use tuning boxes as the worse case scenario when manufacturing warranties are involved or the ECU (Engine control unit) is not supported yet using our genuine tuning tools (usually brand new engines with new ECU’s installed).

We all know these methods both add extra power to the car so we are just focusing on the other differences.

Right lets get to it :-

Below we will state the common pros and cons of remaps and tuning boxes

Remap pro’s

  • No physical parts installed
  • Only detectable to some main dealers and fellow tuners
  • Can unlock extra power from detuned engines from factory
  • Added features like EGR, DPF & Speed limiter deletes
  • Can do map selection with certain driver buttons*
  • More reliable and in depth tuning
  • Generally same price as a top end tuning box

Remap con’s

  •  Insurance premium may increase if declared

Tuning box pro’s

  • Can be self installed
  • Usually cheaper
  • Undetectable once physically removed

Tuning box con’s

  • Insurance Premium may increase if declared
  • Most likely not to make quoted figures
  • Smoking on diesels is common
  • This device fools the ECU to make the engine perform differently

As you can see a remap will always hold the trophy for the best method of tuning with more pro’s and less con’s than a tuning box.

If you have a vehicle that you are considering getting tuned please call us today and we would be happy to help and answer all your questions!

thanks – Supercharged Performance

*only available on a few certain vehicles



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