Why is mobile ECU remapping service better for you?

Why is mobile ECU remapping service better for you?

At Supercharged Performance Ltd, we offer a fully mobile ECU remapping service from start to finish with our fully qualified IMI engineers. We do both OBD and bench programming fully mobile there and then with your vehicle. Most other tuning companies don’t offer bench programming let alone being mobile, which some ECU’s need.

So you may ask why a mobile ECU remap from Supercharged Performance will be better for you?

let us explain! Firstly it is so move convenient for the customer for us to perform the ECU remap mobile because we can do it at your home, workplace or even your local garage.

Secondly, you don’t need to re-arrange your day to work round bringing your car to us as we come to you! It saves a lot of time and is overall much easier and cost effective for us to do it for you. We like to save you money and time!

Below is a Siemens PCR2.1 which is used in the VW Caddy 1.6TDI engines and needs to be unlocked prior to OBD programming. As you can see it needs to be bench programmed and that’s not  a problem with our Mobilmobile workshop.

We provide the best mobile ECU remapping service within Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and surrounding areas.

Please get in contact if you have any queries or questions we are only a phone call away!





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