March 2017 – Another busy month for ECU remaps!

March 2017 – Another busy month for ECU remaps!

ECU remaps – Just a update for the month of March 2017 and ECU remaps from Supercharged Performance Ltd, we have completed a total of 15 mobile ECU remaps. Most of them we where able to communicate with the ECU via the OBD port and a few required a bench program. We have unleashed over 300 BHP and even more torque.

How did we help this ecu remaps this month?

We also solved a immobilizer issue for one of our customer’s. They come to us asking for help with their Audi A4 1.8T 150 BHP model with a blown ECU. They had already sourced a new unit with the matching part numbers. There old unit had burnt out diodes (picture attached) which control the power supply hence no power to the unit and therefore a faulting engine. We tried to read the original ECU but no luck due to no power supply to the board. We had to go with plan B which was to remove the immobilizer code from the new second hand unit and re write the new coding to the ECU. After installation the car was back up and running with a fresh custom written map the customer was very happy with the 50BHP gain and the overall end results.

We provide the very best in mobile ECU remaps. We cover all of East Anglia which includes Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk which covers Ipswich, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds and Thetford. Our custom ECU remaps can be given at your home or workplace wherever is convenient for you. We use genuine tools and diagnostic equipment so we know your vehicle doesn’t have any underlying problems pre and post remap.

For any tuning needs or a free no obligation quote for your vehicle please contact us on 07929333153 or or via the online form under the heading “contact” at


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