Diesel Engine ECU remapping benefits from a Supercharged Performance remap

Diesel Engine ECU remapping benefits from a Supercharged Performance remap

At Supercharged Performance we love to communicate with our customers and the most common question we get asked is what are diesel engine ECU remapping benefits from a Supercharged Performance remap?


well….here is our answer. With a diesel engine which is turbo charged very good results are available from a remap alone with OEM standard parts. We modify the original ECU information reaching all the parameters which control the engine. With turbo charged diesels you can achieve on average around a 25% increase in power and torque. Naturally this improves the engine efficiency enhancing the throttle response and drivability. Also with our blend map you can achieve a 10% increase in MPG when the conditions are correct.

At Supercharged Performance we have been busy as always and have been remapping several variations of vehicles. from small VW polo’s to very large Ford rangers which is the highlight of this update.

Jamie called us wanting to unleash its true potential from which he was considering a tuning box or a remap. He was after the best and safest way to achieve the end result he was after. We always recommend a remap over a tuning box but in some scenarios a tuning box is more suitable for some customers needs (we now offer tuning boxes too). We provided our usual mobile service for Jamie and after the job was completed we went for a test drive and the results where that good it instantly put a smile on his face! This needed a bench program which is not a problem for our’qualified technicians.  For any Mobile remapping needs in the East Anglia area please don’t hesitate to call us!



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